Could your luxury pen collection be classed as an asset?

Did you know that your pen collection could be officially classed as an asset? We explain why it's so important to consider the true value of your luxury pen collection.

We work with customers worldwide to help them make the most of their luxury pen collections. We understand that collectors are continually looking to purchase rare or limited-edition, high-end fountain pens to say they have the complete set. And with brands such as Montblanc regularly releasing limited-edition models each year, it’s easy to see how a pen collection can build up to become something of high value.


But did you know that your pen collection could be officially classed as an asset?

Montblanc Meisterstuck 147 Traveller Gold Line Fountain Pen 1
Montblanc Meisterstuck 147 Traveller Gold Line Fountain Pen 1

If you collect luxury writing instruments, then you’ll likely have invested significant sums of money into each individual pen. And unlike other luxury items, a surprising benefit of fountain pens, rollerballs, and ballpoint pens is that they can hold their value exceptionally well. Therefore, it stands to reason that as you gain a more extensive collection, the value of your pens could be classed as an asset.


Why is it important to know the value of your luxury pen collection?


There are many reasons why you should pay close attention to the actual value of your pen collection, from insurance through to divorce and even as part of your legacy planning.


Insurance. If you invest significant sums into high-end writing pens, you must make sure they are covered under the terms of your content’s insurance. This could protect your investment should your luxury fountain pen get damaged, lost, or stolen. If you are moving away from being a casual fountain pen fan to a more serious collector, it stands to reason that the cumulative value of your collection will increase. In which case, you need to ensure that your collection is secured correctly and looked after.


Divorce. As independent fountain pen dealers, we work closely with collectors to identify the value of their pen collections. We were recently contacted by a solicitor’s firm who needed us to provide an independent assessment of a luxury pen collection value. It was viewed as an asset for a couple who were in the process of getting divorced. While this is unusual (and a far cry from our typical day job!), it does serve as a reminder that luxury pen collections can add up to become something quite valuable.


Inheritances. We know from experience talking to customers worldwide that many fountain pen collectors start their interest following an inheritance. A loved one may have left them a specific model (or an entire collection), or they may even have found a fountain pen and want to know its worth. We believe that it’s important to remember your pen collection when writing your Will. Not only could the value of your pen collection be classified as an asset (which could have Inheritance Tax implications), but you may wish to leave your fountain pen (or pens) to a specific beneficiary.


Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Primary Manipulation 4 Fountain Pen - UNUSED 4
Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Primary Manipulation 4 Fountain Pen – UNUSED 4


You could include the details of your fountain pen in your Will, or you may wish to use a codicil to make a special request if you want to bequeath it to someone in particular. When writing your Will or planning your estate, make sure you take qualified legal advice.


We can value your luxury fountain pen


As independent fountain pen dealers, a core part of our work is providing accurate valuations of luxury fountain pens. We have a detailed knowledge of different brands, and we know the history behind specific makes and models. This means that we can accurately assess the true worth of your luxury pen or luxury pen collection.


Once you know its value, you can then decide whether you want to keep it or sell it to us directly.

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