OMAS Extra Non-Faceted Arco Verde Celluloid Fountain Pen – 52 Deg Nib – RARE


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OMAS Extra Non-Faceted Arco Verde Celluloid Fountain Pen – 52 Deg Nib – RARE

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Thanks very much for looking at our listing for this exceptionally rare OMAS Extra ‘Paragon’ Arco Verde Celluloid Non-Faceted Fountain Pen, which comes with its special OMAS presentation box (including outer) and information booklet. The pen was only dipped to test and is presented in wonderful condition.


OMAS require no introduction and since their sad demise in January 2016, the hunger from fans and collectors for great examples of their writing instruments has increased dramatically! The company was founded by Armando Simoni and the full name was Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni, abbreviated to OMAS.


Released in approximately 2008, this is arguably one of the rarest OMAS Arco Verde pens – it’s based on the Paragon, but is non-faceted. The documentation that comes with it mentions that only 20 were produced, but we’ve personally never seen another come up for sale. We’ve included a photo of a standard faceted Paragon, so you can see the difference.


With its myriad of green, black and almost white tones, it’s a material that simply has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The arco pattern lines exceptionally well between the cap and barrel. It is slightly off between the barrel and cone, but it can sit aligned with just a small turn.


The pen is fitted with the rare 18k 52 degrees nib – the name refers to the angle used when writing with the nib, essentially a lower angle than this produces a thicker line and above this heads more towards a much finer line. It’s a piston filler, so your choice here is bottled ink.


The important details are as follows…



Condition: Wonderful






Nib: 52 Degrees



With every pen that we sell we provide a card that includes the manufacturer, model, serial / limitation number and date it was purchased from us. We do this because our customers like to have documentation showing that it’s been purchased from a trusted seller. As the Financial Times said recently in their How To Spend It publication – “izods is an e-cache of ultra fine fountain pens”.


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