Montblanc Boheme XL Platinum Line No Stone Fountain Pen – BB Nib


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Thanks very much for looking at our listing for this Montblanc Boheme XL Platinum Line No Stone Fountain Pen, which comes with a Montblanc presentation box. The pen has been regularly used over the years, so some usage marks (mostly on the cap), but overall its presented in very good condition – the catch on the cone (which you open to put in or take out a cartridge) secures absolutely fine, but there is a small amount of movement (we’ve highlighted the area in two photos).





The Boheme range was available with myriad of different stones on the clip, but for some they prefer the simplicity of the ‘no stone’ version. This is the extremely rare XL version of the Boheme and it features the ingenious retractable nib, which was modelled on this historic safety pens. To raise or lower the nib unit, you simply turn the end of the pen – when not in use the nib is fully retracted. This is a cartridge only pen.




These pens are a completely different beast to the standard Boheme offerings… think of it as a retractable nib 149! The easiest way to understand the rarity of this pen, is to describe it as a ‘rogue wave’ of a Montblanc pen.





If you look at Montblanc model ranges, very rarely do you come across a ‘rogue wave’, meaning most models follow a specific theme and they stick within those boundaries – so for example, the classic Meisterstuck offerings, the more contemporary Starwalkers etc. The Boheme range focused mostly on the smaller retractable nib pens, with some people choosing the fixed nib medium versions – but the XL is a rogue wave, because it’s completely different from all the other Boheme’s and it then size wise goes head-to-head with the 149.





These were only available for a limited period of time and it’s not surprising, because although Montblanc do incredible limited and special editions, they don’t create many rogue waves… so these XL’s will definitely have a place in Montblanc history.





The pen is fitted with an 18k double broad nib and both Germany and serial number markings can be found on the clip ring.





The important details are as follows…




– Double Broad Nib



– Very Good Condition



– Serial Number and Germany clip ring markings






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