Geoffers Grey



Crafted from dark grey ebonite and featuring contrasting rhodium plated trim.


The cap, barrel and blind cap of your paradigm are crafted from ebonite. This material has been used by pen makers for more than a century and for very good reasons. Ebonite is warm to the touch, light, durable and affords an extremely comfortable writing experience.


Ebonite is renowned for being far more time-consuming to work with than acrylic, but we hope that the results speak for themselves. Each part has been individually turned and then polished by hand to a mirror finish. All paradigm pens are handmade in Italy by master craftsmen.


Each pen is individually numbered on the blind cap, along with the letters LE, to denote that you are purchasing a pen from the launch edition. The pen is fitted with an 18k nib and features a piston filling mechanism, so bottled ink is required.


Capped: 147mm

Posted: 159mm

Weight: 34g