The first fountain pen from IZODS. We have distilled our passion into a pen that we hope you will enjoy for many years to come. The whole process, from initial design to the pen you see in front of you now, took some 18-months, with even the smallest details being considered. 

Grey Ring
Green Nib
Red Closed

The Paradigm Range

Featuring five vibrant colours, all crafted from ebonite and fitted with piston filling mechanisms and 18k nibs. 


The only choice you’ll have to make is which colour to opt for!

Blue Open
Baylis Blue
Red Open
Ringstead Red
Purple Open
Mollus Mauve
Green Open
Grigson Green
Grey Open
Geoffers Grey


All paradigm pens feature 18k single tone nibs and are available in EF, F, M, B or 1.1mm Stub.

nib close 1


The paradigm is all about vibrancy and depth of colour. 


Each pen has been individually turned from solid bars of ebonite, which are then hand-polished to a mirror finish.


Each pen is handmade in Italy by master craftsmen from the Maiora Pen Company.


With decades of pen making experience, you can be certain that this really is a pen to enjoy to today, tomorrow and the future.

Purple Piston

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