Leonardo Range

Leonardo is based on 40-years of pen making heritage, but using modern hand-made techniques and Italian flair. Founded by Salvatore Matrone, the son of Ciro Matrone (one of the founders of the Delta pen company). Each pen is hand turned from either resin or celluloid and features wonderfully intricate detailing along with an enticing colour pallete to choose from.

izods Momento Zero Resin Limited Edition

Momento Zero Resin

Furore Collection

The new “Furore” collection is inspired by a magical place, where land and sea meet – the land and originas of Leonardo… a corner of the Amalfi Coast that inspires purity and simplicity.


The colours are inspired by the reflections of the sea at the “Grotta dello Smeraldo” or the “Fiordo di Furore”, along with the bright colours of the ceramics that characterise the decoration found on the coast. So, whether it’s the intense red of the berries, the bright sun or the white sharp of salt… “Furore” represents all of this.


The shape of the pen is inspired by the past, soft at both ends, with a beautifully balanced weight. The bronze clip has a rotating washer, which it makes it very simple to insert in to a pocket. Each pen comes fitted with a cartridge / converter, so you have the best of both worlds.

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