Yard O Led Viceroy Standard Plain Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen - UNUSED


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Thanks very much for looking at our listing for this Yard O Led Viceroy Standard Plain Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen, which comes with its wooden presentation box and unstamped paperwork. This pen was produced for The Economist (no branding on the pen itself) and features a distinctive red lining and red leather pen sleeve – we’ll be listing a number of Yard-O-Led pens, all of which came from the same collector.


The pen has never been used and is presented in lovely condition – as with many silver pens, there are some very light swirls to the silver, but this is being picky.



If you’re not familiar with Yard O Led then here’s a very quick introduction. The company was founded in England in 1934 and has produced stunning writing instruments ever since. The name comes from the fact that the early patent allowed the pencil to hold 12 three inch leads… making it a yard of lead!


The Viceroy Standard Plain Sterling Silver model features a sleek and crisp finish and being produced from AG925 Sterling Silver, this really is a writing instrument of distinction. The pen measures 135mm in length and weighs 35.5g. All the correct hallmarks can be found on the barrel.


With every pen that we sell we provide a card that includes the manufacturer, model, serial / limitation number and date it was purchased from us. We do this because our customers like to have documentation showing that it’s been purchased from a trusted seller.


With a current retail price of £540.00, this represents a great opportunity to purchase an unused example, at a much reduced price.