Tamenuri Studio Urushi Red Striped Kawari-nuru TS Flattop Fountain Pen


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Thanks very much for looking at our listing for this Tamenuri Studio Urushi Red Striped Kawari-nuri TS Flattop Fountain Pen, which comes with its Tamenuri Studios presentation box (including outer) and paperwork – confirming first purchase on 10th October 2021. The pen has been lightly used and is presented in wonderful condition.




Tamenuri Studio is owned by Michal and he has an ever growing reputation for making outstanding pens. This example, has more than 50 layers of lacquer applied and is finished with gold power.The Maki-e technique used is called “Kawari-nuri” which means unique. Michal doesn’t take commissions and so you simply have to snap up whatever he has available on his website.




The pen is fitted with a gold-plated steel broad (the paperwork says BB so it may just be not the ‘widest’ BB) nib and is a cartridge / converter (supplied), so you have the best of both worlds when it comes to ink.




The important details are as follows…




– Wonderful Condition



– Broad Nib



– Tamenuri Studio Presentation Box




With every pen that we sell we provide a card that includes the manufacturer, model, serial / limitation number and date it was purchased from us. We do this because our customers like to have documentation showing that it’s been purchased from a trusted seller. As the Financial Times said recently in their How To Spend It publication – “izods is an e-cache of ultra fine fountain pens”.