Nakaya Long Piccolo Heki-tamenuri Negoro Fountain Pen – INKED ONCE


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Thanks very much for looking at our listing for this delightful Nakaya Long Piccolo Heki-tamenuri Negoro Fountain Pen, which comes with its wooden presentation box (including outer), pen kimono and cartridges. The pen was only inked once and is presented in fantastic condition.




Nakaya require no introduction and if you’ve got this far then likely you’ll be familiar with their wonderful writing instruments. The pen is hand-turned from solid ebonite rod stock, which then has multiple layers of brown and green lacquer applied, before finally being finished with natural urushi resin. This is the rare and extremely time-consuming Negoro version, which includes engraved cracks protruding from the cap, barrel and section – the aged finish on this pen takes longer than 6 months to produce and you can see why, it’s beautiful.




The pen is fitted with a 14k rhodium-plated broad nib and it’s a cartridge / converter pen, so your choice here is bottled ink.




The important details are as follows…



Condition: Fantastic


Box: Nakaya


Nib: Broad



With every pen that we sell we provide a card that includes the manufacturer, model, serial / limitation number and date it was purchased from us. We do this because our customers like to have documentation showing that it’s been purchased from a trusted seller. As the Financial Times said recently in their How To Spend It publication – “izods is an e-cache of ultra fine fountain pens”.