Pelikan M9001 Calculation of Times Limited Edition Fountain Pen



Pelikan Calculation of Times Limited Edition Fountain Pen, which comes with its full set of presentation boxes and signed paperwork confirming original purchase on 15th October 2009 from Niche Pens.

This is a quite outstanding pen and was limited to only 760 examples worldwide, with this being number 726. The level of craftsmanship in both the pen and presentation boxes is quite incredible, with detail that surpasses virtually anything else that you can think of. The presentation box is finished in leather, with a push button at the front to open it… once opened, the true stature of the pen is revealed! The white cardboard outer is included, which only has very light marks.

The pen appears to have barely been used, if inked at all, and the condition is fantastic – it’s been stored in it’s box and only taken out from time to time.

As the name suggests, this pen reflects the importance that time has played in both ancient and modern civilisations. For example, early developed cultures liked to show the cycle of the year in pictures. Each month is represented by an activity or event adapted to a season.

So adorning the barrel and cap you’ll find a number of engravings which reflect all aspects of time and its importance to mankind… the 18k medium nib features the sun, which has obviously been at the very heart of time calculations, with the Babylonians and Greeks creating the first sundials.

The Calculation of Time was released in 2008 and now rarely appears for sale, with many collectors simply tucking their own examples away.

The pen is a piston filler and as with other Pelikan’s you simply twist the piston knob to fill the reservoir.

The important details are as follows…

Stamped and signed paperwork included

Complete presentation box including outer

Fantastic Condition

Piston Filling Mechanism

With every pen that we sell we provide a card that includes the manufacturer, model, serial / limitation number and date it was purchased from us. We do this because our customers like to have documentation showing that it’s been purchased from a trusted seller

With a previous retail price of approximately £2,000.00, this represents a wonderful opportunity to purchase an unused example, from a trusted seller.

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