Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 LeGrand Solitaire Hematite Steel Fountain Pen – Serviced by Montblanc August 17


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Montblanc Meisterstück 146 LeGrand Solitaire Hematite Steel Fountain Pen, which comes with it’s Montblanc presentation box (including branded outer) and stamped paperwork – confirming first purchase on 13th December 2009 from Websters. Also included is a full bottle of Montblanc Mystery Black ink. The pen has been carefully used and is presented in lovely condition – there are some light usage marks and swirls to the steel, but that’s being picky. It’s fitted with an 18k medium nib, which lays down a very smooth line.

As mentioned, this particular pen is the rare Hematite solitaire which was only produced for a limited period of time and rarely appears for sale. It’s one of those pens that really has to be seen to be fully appreciated, but we’ll try and convey the overall look… hematite is the main ore of iron and comes in myriad of tones, ranging from black, to steely grey (this pen is more on the grey side) and reddish brown. This makes for a captivating appearance when used on the cap of this pen and it contrasts brilliantly with the bright stainless steel. Being an organic substance, every single pen varies slightly and if you see the cap in the light it almost sparkles.

As with all other 146’s, this is a piston filling pen, so it’s bottled ink all the way. The pen was serviced by Montblanc in August 2017 (paperwork included) and has only been used a couple of times since.

This pen features both Germany and serial number markings.

This is a truly lovely example of a pen that offers a completely different take on the usual Montblanc solitaire offerings… it manages to appear both contemporary and classic at the same time, which is quite a feat.

The important details are as follows…

18K Bi-Tone Medium Nib

Lovely Condition

Montblanc Presentation Box

Stamped Paperwork

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