Sorry we’ve been so quiet… it’s been a busy time here at izods!

As the subject line says, we’re really sorry for being so quiet… but there’s a number of good reasons for it I’m pleased to say!

2017 is proving to be a massively busy year here at izods, with visits to pen shows and also heading here, there and everywhere to go and see our wonderful customers. We’ve also been working on a couple of major projects, which will be fully unveiled by the end of July. But as you’ve taken the time to come and read this, here’s a quick sneak preview…

For the past 18 months we’ve been looking at ways to make your pens glow even more than they normally do, and as part of this we’ve tried hundreds of different concoctions in our pursuit to come up with the definitive pen polishing kit. It’s a delicate task, because we know from customer feedback that sometimes you need to rejuvenate some pretty tired looking pens, and on other occasions it’s simply about adding more shine to an already impressive writing instrument.

Anyway, after spending what seems like months staring at resin, plastic, celluloid and metal we’ve come up with the answer… the izods professional polishing kit will be available to purchase from the end of July and we’ll be letting everyone know the full details in due course. Here’s a few photos showing you what you can expect.

Right, so that’s part one… here’s the second! We know that you love using all sorts of amazing colours and as such our ink range is about to increase by some 40 colours. The stock will be with us shortly, but we’re delighted to announce an exclusive arrangement with the renowned India based, Krishna Inks, to sell their wonderful products. Pricing will be competitive and because most inks come in 20ml bottles, you’ll be able to try a big selection without racking up a huge bill.

There’ll be a separate announcement on this towards the end of July, at which point you’ll be able to order the entire range via our website… needless to say that we’re really excited to be able to bring these inks to our global customer base.

So we promise to get back to giving you regular updates once everything is launched… until next time, keep inking those pens!

Roy and the izods team


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